Die Casting vs. Other Processes

Die Casting vs. Other Processes Simplified Assembly Multiple Finishing Options Strength & Weight Dimensional Accuracy & Stability Complex Shapes Die casting vs.
Plastic injection

Die casting produces stronger parts with closer tolerances that have greater stability and durability. Die cast parts have greater resistance to temperature extremes and superior electrical properties.

Die casting vs. Sand & permanent castings

Die casting produces parts with thinner walls, closer dimensional limits, and smoother surfaces. Production is faster and labor costs per die casting are lower. Finishing costs are also less.

Die casting vs. Forgings

Die casting produces more complex shapes with closer tolerances, thinner walls, and lower finishing costs.

Die casting vs. Stampings

Die casting produces complex shapes with variations possible in section thickness. One die casting may replace several stampings, resulting in reduced assembly time.

Die casting vs. Screw machine products

Die casting produces shapes that are difficult or impossible to produce from bar or tubular stock, while maintaining exacting tolerances. Die casting requires fewer operations and reduces scrap.

Die casting vs. Machining Parts from
Billets/Bar Stock

Producing parts from billets is a time consuming process that generates significant scrap…it also cuts the grain of the metal which can diminish the ultimate working strength of the machined part. In comparison, many die cast parts can be produced in the same time it takes to machine parts from a billet...and considerably less scrap and waste is produced. Die castings can also be produced with complex shapes not possible from machining. Most importantly, the die casting process inherently compresses metal grain to create high strength, yet lightweight finished parts.

However you look at it, die castings are the smart money choice to improve the performance of your component or finished part.

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