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Empire Die Casting Co., Inc. is solving die casting problems with the use of a dynamic software program called MAGMASOFT®. The following are the modules that Empire uses and what they do:


MAGMASOFT® is a comprehensive simulation tool for the technological and quality-focused production of die castings. The program's simulation capabilities provide a significantly better understanding of mold filling, solidification, mechanical properties, thermal-stresses and distortions and much more…

MAGMASOFT® includes an integrated solid modeler, CAD interface and helps die casters accurately predict casting quality.


Instead of performing expensive "trial-and-error" experiments, the results of filling, solidification or stress simulations are used for optimization by producing a series of "virtual die castings" under different conditions. The program analyzes various combination of parameters in successive generations. MAGMAFrontier® uniquely "learns" from the previous results and can quickly reach an optimal solution. The process allows the analyses of various objectives simultaneously, even if they are at odds with one another.


The MAGMAStress® module is a simulation software program for the calculation of thermo-elastic / thermo-plastic stresses and residual stresses and strains in real three-dimensional components. The program determines the stress distribution and related strains and displacements during the solidification and further cooling of die castings.

MAGMAStress® allows for the…

  • Determination of residual stress distribution of die castings at room temperature
  • Deformation and shrinkage of components
  • Stress-level formation and changes in relation to cooling conditions
  • Stress-related optimization of components geometry
  • Stress-related optimization of process conditions for improved die life
  • Determination of heat treatment conditions on stress and distortion levels

As if you didn't already have enough significant reasons to make Empire Die Casting Co., Inc. your preferred die casting provider…as one of the few die casters in the world to offer the powerful MAGMASOFT® suite of die casting simulation software, no company is more prepared, experienced and capable to handle your die casting needs…contact Empire Die Casting Co., Inc. today.

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