Empire Die Casting Company.
Company Information Survey

1.0 Company

Company Name & Address

Empire Die Casting Company
635 East Highland Road
Macedonia, Ohio 44056





No Corporate
No Public
Yes Private
No Minority Owned

Do you have a union?


Contract expires


Union affiliations

Teamsters Local 416

Main product(s)

Medical Supplies
Business Machines
Lawn / Garden
Pumps / Valves
2nd / 3rd Tier Auto
Electric Instruments
Heavy Trucking
Hand Powered Tools
Mechanical Devices
Alloys Aluminum And Zinc

What is your company’s direction / mission?

Quality driven people dedicated to producing the best product through continuous improvement in communication, training and service.

2.0 Business

Years in business


Sales last year


Sales this year


Sales next year


3.0 Finance

Bank Reference

Citizens Bank
Phone: 248-324-8646
Street: 38701 Seven Mile Road
City: Livonia
State: MI
Zip: 48152

4.0 References

Upon request

5.0 Building Space (Sq. Ft.)

Administration: 15,000
Production: 100,000
Tool Room: 25,000
Warehouse: 25,000
Other: 35,000
Total: 200,000+

6.0 Executive and Key Personnel

CEO: Richard P. Rogel
President: Robert A. Hopkins
Executive Vice President: Paul Head
Financial Controller: Denver Bortz
Engineering: Steve Wyatt
Quality: Eric Milano

7.0 Workforce

Production: 108
Quality Assurance: 10
Engineering: 5
Maintenance: 17
Toolmakers: 27
Other: 28
Totals: 195

8.0 Engineering Resources

Formal Engineering Departments

Design Tooling
Manufacturing Support
Repair / Service

Special Engineering Tools

Magma Flow Simulation

Engineering Procedures

New Product Development
Process Guidelines
Design Guidelines

File Formats Accepted

Step Files
.Dxf / .Dwg

9.0 Manufacturing

Manufacturing Controls

Assembly Procedures
Work Orders
Inspection Procedures
Lot Travelers / Routing Sheets Process
Process Charts
Corrective Action
Statistical Process Control

Secondary Capabilities

Assembly / Testing
Shot Blasting
Vibratory And Thermal Deburr
Parts Washing

Secondary – (Outsource)

Paint: Powder, Wet, Polan, E-Coat
Coating: Anodize, Alodine, Impregnate, Dichromate, Hot Coat, and Chrome
Heat Treat / Stress Relief
Polishing, Buffing, Sanding

Do we have a model shop and prototype capabilities?

Yes – both in-house and outsourced

10.0 Quality Assurance

How are requirements / specifications communicated to our suppliers?

Through purchase orders and blueprints

What is our warranty period?

90 days on purchased product

How do we measure quality?

Customer surveys, customer complaints, company goals.

What is our quality acceptance rate with our customers?


Do we have a training program for new employees?

Yes – 12 hour course covering safety, job duties and continuous on the job training

Do we monitor our in-process defect rate?


How is our in-process defect rate measured?

Scrap and returns

How is our processes controlled?

Die casting process is monitored through Visi-Trak shot monitoring system. Quality inspection sheets are utilized by floor inspectors.

What inspection capabilities do we have?

Incoming Inspection
In Process Inspection
Final Inspection
Layout Capabilities

What inspection records are available and how are they maintained?

Quality Inspection Sheets
In Process
Incoming Inspection
Dock Audits

Hard copy and electronic

Do we use statistical sampling plans?


How are they developed?

Customer-driven sampling plan ranges from C=Zero To Aql-3.0

Our calibration / maintenance process

Gagetrak Software (all gauges in-house are controlled by this system)

How is non-conforming material controlled?

Segregated area and tag system

Describe the distribution of drawings procedures, specifications, etc., both initial releases and current revisions, to affected operational areas of our organization.

Controlled by engineering department. Upon acceptance of drawings, the drawing is distributed to all departments through a job maintenance form.

Are we ISO 9001 Certified?


Are we in the process of updating our quality system?


Is an up-to-date quality manual available?


11.0 General

Do we have a list of inspection / manufacturing / test equipment?

Yes – two CMM optical comparators, spectrometer and standard gauges.

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