The “Empire Expert” Engineering Review

The “Empire Expert” Engineering ReviewThe "Empire Expert" engineering review…it's one of the most popular and valued services available to all Empire Die Casting Company customers.

And it could save your company millions…

Every part we are chosen to produce is carefully evaluated by our team of die casting engineers. As they critically evaluate each part design, their focus is multi-fold…

    The “Empire Expert” Engineering Review
  • Do problem areas exist in the part design?
  • How can the design be optimized to improve part performance?
  • Can the part be amended to reduce assembly costs?
  • How can the part be redesigned to take better advantage of the inherent benefits of die casting?
  • Can the part be reconfigured to reduce production costs?

The “Empire Expert” Engineering ReviewDeveloping initial findings to the questions included here, provides our customers the opportunity to collaborate with Empire Die Casting Company design engineers…with the goal of determining how the part design could be altered to produce a better, stronger, more manufacturable part that costs less to produce and will perform better as a finished part or assembly.

Would it be easier and cheaper for us to just run your part and not be concerned about trying to better its performance? Of course it would…but then, that would make us just like any other run-of-the-mill die caster…and that is 180° from where we are headed as a company.

At Empire Die Casting Company you can always count on us to go the extra distance to earn your business…and keep it!!

Empire Expert Engineering Review: Our product design experts can reduce production costs and improve part performance. Read how.
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