Endless Possibilities

Whatever your die casting needs... We Can Do It.

Aluminum Die Castings

Lightweight aluminum die castings possess high dimensional stability for complex shapes and feature excellent corrosion resistance and high thermal/electrical conductivity. We produce aluminum castings from 5 oz. (141.7g) to 30 lbs. (13.6kg).

Zinc Die Castings

Zinc die casting produces parts that possess high ductility and feature excellent impact strength and corrosion resistance. Zinc die castings can also be easily plated. We produce zinc die castings from 1 oz. (28.3g) to 15 lbs. (6.8kg).

Empire Expert Engineering Review

This invaluable product design review can identify any issues that impact part manufacturability. This added value service can frequently identify opportunities to reduce assembly costs while improving finished part performance.

MAGMASOFT® Casting Simulation Software

This powerful, simulation software utilizes 3D modeling to identify any product design issues that could impede metal flow into the die. Cost saving corrections can be made before the production run.

Tool & Die Shop

A complete in-house tool & die shop ensures that production dies can be properly maintained for optimum performance and long life. Should new tooling be needed, our craftsmen possess decades of tool building experience.